Due Diligence

We carry out due diligence assignments for clients who may be acquiring businesses or securing funding.

Due diligence involves a detailed investigation by our qualified staff into the company being purchased. It covers:-

  • The business structure – how it is owned and constituted and what changes will be necessary prior to acquisition.
  • The financial health of the business, based on a detailed examination of past financial statements and an analysis of the existing asset base.
  • The credibility of the owners, directors and senior managers of the business, including validation of the curriculum vitae’s of key management.
  • The future potential of the business, reflected in the strength of its products and services, and the probability of earnings growth over the medium-to-long term.
  • An assessment of the risk involved in the business, in terms of markets, strategy and likely future events.
  • The company’s business plan, in terms of how realistic it is, how realistic the assumptions used are and how well it conveys the business potential.