Cash Flow And Profit Forecasting

Monitoring your cash flow and forecasting future profitability or even losses are paramount to the effective running of any business.

Cash flow is the lifeblood of any business and if it is not profitable then the business will be short lived.

Although virtually all banks and building societies require some form of forecasts or management accounts they are also a very important tool for the effective running of a business who wishes to grow and stay competitive.

Fenn & Co can prepare, or assist you in preparing cash flow and profit forecasts. We can also help to interpret the results and make recommendations to improve your business.

For example:-

  • What sales will I need to generate to cover my overheads?
  • What will the effect be on my profit or loss if I employ an extra member of staff?
  • If I buy materials in bulk to obtain a discount can I afford the actual payment?
  • Can I afford the loan repayments if I want to buy an extra piece of machinery?
  • Is my advertising expenditure effective?
  • How can I reduce my current overheads?
  • If I start a new source of income what profit will I make after allowing for any additional expenses?

Both cash flow/profit and loss forecasts and management accounts are very effective proactive management tools in that they help to identify before the end of the year, and perhaps before it is too late, what costs should be reduced or possibly even increased to produce extra revenue.